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Posted Wed 27 Apr 2011

Insights on Syria

Council members are expecting a briefing on Syria in informal consultations today (Wednesday, 27 April) from B. Lynn Pascoe. Council members agreed yesterday that a more detailed briefing on Syria was needed following the Secretary-General’s briefing yesterday which covered Syria as well as his recent visit to Qatar, Egypt, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia, nuclear safety, Côte d’Ivoire and Sri Lanka.

Council members were unable to reach agreement on a press statement yesterday but agreed to continue discussions on it today.

The European members, who worked on the draft press statement, are keen to have it approved today. However, Council members, like China and Russia, who were opposed to a press statement on Yemen last week appear to be similarly reluctant about a press statement from the Council on Syria. Given that a press statement requires consensus it is likely to be difficult for there to be any agreement without a clear shift in these members’ positions. (Council members are involved in the Secretary-General’s retreat from Thursday afternoon till the end of the week.)

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