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Posted Thu 24 Feb 2011

Insights on Libya

This morning Council members discussed the possibility of further action on the situation in Libya during informal consultations. Most members have reacted positively to the idea of imposing legal measures on the Libyan regime to deter further violence against civilians.

The UK has offered to work on a draft sanctions resolution. Among the measures suggested today were targetted sanctions such as an assets freeze, travel bans and arms embargo but some members also suggested a no-fly zone and ICC references.

Russia and China seemed concerned about the need for more verifiable information. In response, Council president, Brazil, agreed to contact the Secretariat to ask for additional information.

The next step may be a briefing tomorrow by the Secretariat. Yesterday’s private meeting where the Council was briefed by DPA head, B. Lynn Pascoe, included 75 member countries not on the Council indicating a wide interest from the broader UN community.

With the refugee flows and consistent reports of mercenaries from Africa and Eastern Europe being used by the Libyan regime it seems that most if not all Council members are satisfied that the Libyan situation can now be clearly categorised as a threat to international peace and stability.

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