UN Documents for Cyprus: Security Council Resolutions

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26 August 1992 S/RES/774 This resolution endorsed the Set of Ideas.
10 April 1992 S/RES/750 This resolution endorsed the Secretary-Genera "Set of Ideas".
11 October 1991 S/RES/716 This resolution reaffirmed that its position on the solution to the Cyprus problem is based on one state of Cyprus comprising two politically equal communities as defined by the Secretary-General in his 8 March 1990 report.
12 March 1990 S/RES/649 This resolution for the first time provided a detailed framework for the negotiations: called upon the leaders of the two communities to pursue their efforts to reach a solution providing for the establishment of a federation that would be bi-communal as regards the constitutional aspects and bi-zonal as regards the territorial aspects in line with the 1977 and 1979 agreements and to cooperate on an equal footing with the Secretary-General.
13 June 1986 S/RES/585 This resolution took note of the Draft Framework Agreement.
11 May 1984 S/RES/550 This resolution further condemned Northern Cyprus.
18 November 1983 S/RES/541 This resolution invalidated the creation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
15 June 1979 S/RES/451 This resolution urged the parties to proceed with inter-communal talks within the framework of the 19 May High Level agreement.
15 June 1977 S/RES/410 This resolution emphasised the need for the parties to adhere to the High Level agreement reached on 12 February 1977.
13 December 1975 S/RES/383 This resolution reaffirmed the provision of resolution 186.
12 March 1975 S/RES/367 This resolution regretted the unilateral decision to create a “Federated Turkish State” and stated that it would not prejudge the final political settlement of the problem of Cyprus.
13 December 1974 S/RES/365 This resolution endorsed General Assembly resolution 3212 (XXIX).
30 August 1974 S/RES/361 This resolution expressed grave concern at the plight of refugees, urged the parties concerned to search for peaceful solutions, requested the Secretary-General to submit a report on the situation of the refugees and decided to keep that situation under constant review.
16 August 1974 S/RES/360 This resolution urged the parties to resume negotiations “whose outcome should not be impeded or prejudged by the acquisition of advantages resulting from military operations.”
15 August 1974 S/RES/359 This resolution deplored the killing and wounding of UNFICYP personnel “as a direct result of the military action which is still continuing in Cyprus”.