UN Documents for Women, Peace and Security: Security Council Resolutions

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29 October 2019 S/RES/2493 This resolution reiterated the need for the full implementation of the WPS agenda.
23 April 2019 S/RES/2467 This resolution recognised the need for a survivor-centred approach to preventing and responding to sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict situations. This resolution passed with 13 votes in favour and two abstentions (China and Russia).
20 December 2016 S/RES/2331 This was the first-ever resolution on human trafficking, which condemned the phenomenon and stressed how human trafficking can exacerbate conflict and foster insecurity.
11 March 2016 S/RES/2272 This was a resolution addressing sexual exploitation and abuse in peace operations, with Egypt abstaining.
13 October 2015 S/RES/2242 The resolution expressed the Council’s intention to convene an Informal Experts Group on Women, Peace and Security and to invite women civil society briefers to country-specific and thematic meetings of the Security Council. It also called for greater integration of the agendas on WPS and counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism.
18 October 2013 S/RES/2122 This resolution recognised the need for information and analysis on the impact of conflict on women and girls, women’s role in peacebuilding and the gender dimensions of peace processes and requested UN senior officials to update the Council on issues relevant to women, peace and security as part of their regular briefings.
24 June 2013 S/RES/2106 This resolution focused on sexual violence in conflict, including the need for accountability.
16 December 2010 S/RES/1960 This resolution requested the Secretary-General to add an annex to the annual report on conflict-related sexual violence listing conflict parties credibly suspected of committing or being responsible for patterns of rape and other forms of sexual violence in situations of armed conflict.
5 October 2009 S/RES/1889 This resolution urged UN member states, international and regional organisations to take measures to improve women’s participation during all stages of peace processes, including by enhancing their engagement in political and economic decision-making in the early stages of recovery processes.
30 September 2009 S/RES/1888 This resolution focused on sexual violence in conflict situations and established the position of the Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict.
19 June 2008 S/RES/1820 This resolution focused on sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict situations, including by expressing the Council’s intention to consider the use of targeted sanctions against perpetrators.
6 May 2002 S/RES/1408 The Council encouraged civil society initiatives in the region, including those of the Mano River Union Women’s Peace Network, to continue their contribution towards regional peace.
30 August 2001 S/RES/1366 This resolution addressed the issue of DDR in UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding mandates and stated that preventing armed conflict was a major part of the Council's work.
13 November 2000 S/RES/1327 This resolution emphasised the importance of the Secretary-General in conflict prevention and reaffirmed the role of women in conflict prevention and resolution and peacebuilding. The Council also agreed to strengthen the system of consultations with TCCs through the holding of private meetings with them and stated a possibility to consider using the Military Staff Committee as one of the means of enhancing UN peacekeeping capacity.
31 October 2000 S/RES/1325 This was the first Security Council resolution on women, peace and security. Reaffirming women’s key role in conflict resolution and peacebuilding, this text calls for the adoption of a gender perspective in peace agreements and for the protection of women and girls from gender-based violence.