UN Documents for Justice, Rule of Law and Impunity: Security Council Press Statements

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30 June 2019 SC/13869 This was on the Council’s 28-29 June visiting mission to Kuwait and Iraq.
15 August 2013 SC/11094 This press statement welcomed the conclusion of the special transitional regime established by the Greentree Agreement concerning the Bakassi Peninsula.
15 June 2012 SC/10674 The Council expressed concern at the detention of the ICC staff members.
13 July 2011 SC/10325 The Council condemned terrorist attacks in Mumbai and calling upon states to fight terrorism in accordance with the UN Charter.
26 August 2010 SC/10016 The Council expressed outrage at the mass rapes committed in Walikale.
10 July 2009 SC/9703 The Council noted the DRC's announcement of a zero-tolerance policy against criminal acts and misconduct in its armed forces.
25 June 2008 SC/9374 The Council welcomed progress on the preparations for the legislative elections scheduled for 16 November and applauded the steps that were taken by the Government to bring drug traffickers to justice.
30 September 2002 SC/7673 The Council encouraged further discussion and work to refine the instrument of targeted sanctions.