UN Documents for Terrorism: Security Council Presidential Statements

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9 August 2021 S/PRST/2021/15 This presidential statement reaffirmed that international law, as reflected in UNCLOS, sets out the legal framework applicable to activities in the oceans and encouraged member states to continue building and strengthening their capacities to enhance maritime security, including against piracy and armed robbery at sea, terrorist activities, and transnational organized crime.
12 January 2021 S/PRST/2021/1 This was on the 20th anniversary of the adoption of resolution 1373 and the establishment of the CTC.
11 March 2020 S/PRST/2020/5 This presidential statement was adopted during a debate entitled “Countering terrorism and extremism in Africa” under the agenda item “Peace and security in Africa”, a signature event of China’s Council presidency.
21 December 2018 S/PRST/2018/21 The Council stated that their review of the 1267/1989/2253 sanctions regime, as required by resolution 2368, concluded that there are no adjustments necessary to the regime at this time.
8 May 2018 S/PRST/2018/9 This was a presidential statement expressing concern about the close connection between international terrorism and transnational organised crime.
11 May 2016 S/PRST/2016/6 This was a presidential statement focusing on countering the narratives and ideologies of terrorism.
16 December 2015 S/PRST/2015/25 This was a presidential statement on trafficking in persons in situations of conflict, with a particular focus on ISIS and the impact on women and children.
29 May 2015 S/PRST/2015/11 This was a presidential statement on identifying priority actions to stem the flow foreign terrorist fighters.
19 November 2014 S/PRST/2014/23 This was a presidential statement that focused on international cooperation in combating terrorism and addressed the interrelated threats posed by foreign terrorist fighters, violent extremism, Al-Qaida and the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham.
13 May 2013 S/PRST/2013/5 This presidential statement highlighted terrorism's connection with transnational organised crime in Africa.
15 January 2013 S/PRST/2013/1 This presidential statement stressed that counterterrorism requires a sustained and comprehensive approach with active participation and collaboration of all states, international and regional organisations. It also took note of the recommendation by the Secretary-General to appoint a coordinator for all UN counterterrorism activities.
4 May 2012 S/PRST/2012/17 This Presidential Statement recognised the changing nature and character of terrorism, with an increase in terrorist attacks around the world.
21 February 2012 S/PRST/2012/2 Was on the impact of transnational organized crime on peace, security and stability in West Africa and the Sahel Region, including piracy.
2 May 2011 S/PRST/2011/9 The Council welcomed the news that Osama bin Laden “will never again be able to perpetrate” acts of terrorism. The statement reaffirmed the importance of all previous Council resolutions on terrorism and reiterated that terrorism should not be associated with any religion, nationality or group.
28 February 2011 S/PRST/2011/5 This presidential statement was on terrorism.