UN Documents for Post-Conflict Stabilisation, including DDR and SSR: Security Council Presidential Statements

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31 August 2022 S/PRST/2022/6 This was the presidential statement initiated by China on peace and security in Africa.
20 December 2012 S/PRST/2012/29 This presidential statement was on post-conflict peacebuilding and emphasised the importance of inclusivity in national peacebuilding processes.
12 October 2011 S/PRST/2011/19 Highlighted the need to expand the consideration given to African perspectives on security sector reform.
21 January 2011 S/PRST/2011/2 This presidential statement was on post-conflict recovery: institution building, wherein the Council stressed its willingness to make greater use of the advisory role of the PBC.
13 October 2010 S/PRST/2010/20 This presidential statement was on post-conflict peacebuilding, wherein the Council welcomed the important role of the PBC in promoting and supporting an integrated and coherent approach to peacebuilding, including women's participation.
20 May 2008 S/PRST/2008/16 This presidential statement invited the Secretary-General to provide advice on how to support sustainable peace in post-conflict situations.
12 May 2008 S/PRST/2008/14 This as a presidential statement recognising that "the establishment of an effective, professional and accountable security sector is one of the necessary elements” for peace and development and that it should be a “nationally-owned” process “within a broad framework of the rule of law.”
21 February 2007 S/PRST/2007/3 This presidential statement recognised the link between security sector reform, DDR and small arms and light weapons control.
23 March 2000 S/PRST/2000/10 This was a presidential statement on disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration. The Council recognised that action to curb the illegal flow of small arms into areas of conflict can contribute to the success of DDR.