UN Documents for Afghanistan: Security Council Meeting Records

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13 March 2002 S/PV.4490 The Council was briefed by Kieran Prendergast, noting progress made in Afghanistan.
27 February 2002 S/PV.4479 The Council was briefed by Kieran Prendergast, noting faster than expected progress in the political arena.
6 February 2002 S/PV.4469 The Council was briefed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Lakhdar Brahimi, noting successful pledging at the Tokyo Conference for Afghanistan.
30 January 2002 S/PV.4461 The Council was briefed by Hamid Karzai, the Chairman of the Interim Administration of Afghanistan.
16 January 2002 S/PV.4452 This meeting unanimously adopted resolution 1390, freezing assets of the Taliban and Usama bin Laden.
15 January 2002 S/PV.4449 During this meeting, the Council lifted sanctions on Ariana Afghan Airlines.
20 December 2001 S/PV.4443 It was the meeting during which the Council unanimously adopted resolution 1386 and authorised an international security force for Afghanistan.
6 December 2001 S/PV.4434 Resolution 1383 was adopted, endorsing the interim arrangement in the Bonn Agreement.
14 November 2001 S/PV.4415 This charted the future course for action in Afghanistan and unanimously adopted resolution 1378 .
13 November 2001 S/PV.4414 (Resumption 1) This was the resumption of a debate on the situation in Afghanistan emphasising that Afghanistan was one of the greatest challenges before the UN.
30 July 2001 S/PV.4352 This meeting requested a mechanism for tracking the impact of the sanctions imposed on the Taliban.
5 June 2001 S/PV.4325 (Resumption 1) There was widespread support in the Council for a mechanism to track the effects of the sanctions.
19 December 2000 S/PV.4251/Corr.1 During this meeting the Council adopted resolution 1333, strengthening sanctions against the Taliban.
7 April 2000 S/PV.4125 The Council agreed to issue a presidential statement (S/PRST/2000/12).
7 April 2000 S/PV.4124 During an open debate, the Council heard from many parties, indicating that the situation in Afghanistan continued to be grim.