UN Documents for Afghanistan: Security Council Meeting Records

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24 February 2003 S/PV.4712 This was a closed Council meeting attended by Jean-Marie Guéhenno and Harald Braun, Special Representative of the German government.
24 February 2003 S/PV.4711 The Council was briefed by Jean-Marie Guéhenno who emphasised the insecurity caused by weak national security institutions and strong local commanders.
31 January 2003 S/PV.4699 The Council was briefed by Lakhdar Brahimi.
24 December 2002 S/PV.4682 During the meeting, the Council endorsed the Kabul Declaration.
13 December 2002 S/PV.4664 The Council was briefed by Annabi.
22 November 2002 S/PV.4651 This was the meeting during which the Council extended ISAF's mandate with resolution 1444.
30 October 2002 S/PV.4638 This was a ministerial-level meeting of the Security Council on combating terrorism.
19 September 2002 S/PV.4611 The Council was briefed by Lakhdar Brahimi that the success of the ATA depended on support by outside states.
19 July 2002 S/PV.4579 The Council was briefed by Lakhdar Brahimi who highlighted the security situation in Afghanistan as the major obstacle to peace.
26 June 2002 S/PV.4560 This meeting welcomed the successful holding of the Emergency Loya Jirga.
21 June 2002 S/PV.4557 The Council was briefed by Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs Kieran Prendergast on the upcoming Loya Jirga.
23 May 2002 S/PV.4541 The Council was briefed by Kieran Prendergast and agreed to extend the mandate for ISAF.
25 April 2002 S/PV.4521 The Council was briefed by Kieran Prendergast who noted the progress made in Afghanistan.
28 March 2002 S/PV.4501 The Council unanimously adopted resolution 1401 to establish UNAMA following the structure proposed by the Secretary-General in his report S/2002/278.
26 March 2002 S/PV.4497 (Resumption 1) This was the resumption of a debate on the situation in Afghanistan.