UN Documents for Peacebuilding (including the PBC): Security Council Letters

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3 January 2008 S/2008/84 This was the letter from the president of the Security Council informing the Secretary-General about the selection of Belgium and South Africa as the two elected members of the Council to participate in the PBC Organisational Committee for a term of one year, until the end of 2008.
28 December 2007 S/2008/87 This was the letter from the chair of the PBC informing the president of the Council about the placement of Guinea-Bissau on the PBC's agenda and taking note of the Council's request for advice on the situation in the country.
11 December 2007 S/2007/744 This was the letter from the president of the Council to the chair of the PBC requesting advice on the peacebuilding priorities for Guinea-Bissau.
10 May 2007 S/2007/269 This was the letter from the chair of the PBC's Organisational Committee transmitting the report of the country visit to Sierra Leone.
12 January 2007 S/2007/16 This letter communicated the Council's election of Panama and South Africa to the Organisational Committee.
20 December 2006 S/2006/1050 This letter contained summaries of the October and December 2006 country-specific meetings.
17 January 2006 S/2006/25 This letter communicates the Council's election of Denmark and Tanzania to the Organisational Committee.
12 February 2001 S/2001/138 This was a letter from the Secretary-General transmitting the "Framework for cooperation in peace-building".