UN Documents for Small Arms: Security Council Letters

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1 May 2015 S/2015/306 This was a concept note circulated by Lithuania highlighting the human cost of small arms as a key focus for the debate.
6 September 2013 S/2013/536 This letter transmitted a concept note on small arms.
15 March 2010 S/2010/143 This includes the concept paper for the 19 March thematic debate on the impact of illicit arms trafficking on peace and security in the Central African region.
10 November 2008 S/2008/697 This letter contained the concept paper presented by Costa Rica for the 19 November thematic debate on strengthening collective security through general regulation and reduction of armaments.
25 July 2001 S/2001/732 This was a concept note from Colombia for the 2 August open debate on small arms.