UN Documents for Non-Proliferation: Security Council Letters

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28 December 2020 S/2020/1308 This was the annual report of the 1540 Committee.
27 August 2020 S/2020/847 This letter informed the Council of the committee’s decision to postpone all activities related to the comprehensive review, including the open consultations, until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.
18 June 2019 S/2019/488 This was the report of the Joint Commission on the status of the Procurement Working Group’s decisions and on any implementation issues.
13 March 2018 S/2018/218 This was a letter from Prime Minister of the UK Teresa May regarding the 4 March use of a nerve agent in Salisbury, UK.
3 January 2018 S/2018/34 This was the annual review of the implementation of resolution 1540.
23 August 2017 S/2017/731 This was a letter from the Permanent Representative of Iran to the Secretary-General stating that the launch of the space launch vehicle was part of activity related to space technology.
16 August 2017 S/2017/720 This was a letter from Russia to the Secretary-General underscoring that there is no legal prohibition on the development by Iran of missile and space programmes.