UN Documents for Afghanistan: Secretary-General's Reports

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10 March 2000 S/2000/205 This document reported the targeting of civilians in the conflict, and estimated that the conflict would continue despite calls for a ceasefire from the Security Council.
21 September 1999 S/1999/994 This report reported the successful meeting of the "six-plus-two," and the associated Tashkent Declaration.
21 June 1999 S/1999/698 This report noted the unwillingness of the Taliban to take part in any peace talks and the cyclical outbreak of hostilities every spring.
31 March 1999 S/1999/362 This report noted limited progress in the talks between the Taliban and other factions, but that the talks themselves were a positive sign.
2 October 1998 S/1998/913 This report noted the break-down in the peace-talks and the outbreak of fresh hostilities.
19 June 1998 S/1998/532 This report noted that the conflict continued, fuelled by inflow of arms from outside sources.
17 March 1998 S/1998/222 This report noted the efforts made by UNSMA over the winter to bring together warring factions in Afghanistan, but deplored the continuing supply of arms from foreign parties to all sides.
14 November 1997 S/1997/894 This report noted that a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan remains elusive.
17 September 1997 S/1997/719 This report noted the continued heavy fighting in Afghanistan and the appointment of Lakhdar Brahimi as the Secretary-General's Special Envoy.
16 June 1997 S/1997/482 This report noted the heavy fighting between factions and suggested that any solution would not be forthcoming from a military quarter.