UN Documents for Afghanistan: Secretary-General's Reports

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23 July 2003 S/2003/754 This report identified a deteriorating security situation as the main challenge to the Afghan peace process and reconstruction efforts, and emphasised the difficult human rights situation across the country.
18 March 2003 S/2003/333 This report emphasised achievements in reconstruction efforts, and consolidation of government authority by the Afghan Transitional Authority. The Secretary-General recommended extending UNAMA's mandate for a further year and expanding it to include an electoral section.
21 October 2002 S/2002/1173 This report described the ongoing work of the Afghan Transitional Authority, and gave an update on the commissions mandated by the Bonn Agreement: civil service, constitutional, human rights and judicial.
11 July 2002 S/2002/737 This report described the successful holding of the Emergency Loya Jirga which resulted in the election of a Head of State, Hamid Karzai, and the approval of structures and appointments of the Afghan Transitional Authority.
18 March 2002 S/2002/278 This report contained recommendations for UNAMA's structure.
6 December 2001 S/2001/1157 This was the report on the situation in Afghanistan, from November 2000 to November 2001, including the effects of the military strikes against Afghanistan, and urged a comprehensive approach to Afghanistan.
19 November 2001 S/2001/1086 This was the report on the humanitarian impact of sanctions which could not be issued due to the security situation, and the relocation of UN personnel outside of Afghanistan.
17 August 2001 S/2001/789 This was the report on difficulties encountered by UNSMA to develop peace talks between the Taliban and other factions in Afghanistan and the alarming humanitarian situation.
13 July 2001 S/2001/695 This was the report on the effects of the sanctions and indicated that the hardships in Afghanistan were caused primarily by the ongoing conflict, not the sanctions regime.
19 April 2001 S/2001/384 This was the report on UNSMA's efforts and the Secretary-General's trip to the region.
20 March 2001 S/2001/241 This was the report on the effects of the sanctions and indicated that the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan was critical.
1 January 2001 S/2001/1215 This was the final report on the sanctions imposed on the Taliban.
20 November 2000 S/2000/1106 This was the annual report on the efforts of UNSMA.
18 September 2000 S/2000/875 This was the UNSMA report noted the very negative impact of the ongoing conflict on the population.
16 June 2000 S/2000/581 This report noted the deplorable humanitarian conditions of most Afghanis and the increasing internationalisation of the conflict.