UN Documents for Syria: Other

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5 December 2016 S/2016/1026 This was the vetoed draft resolution submitted by Egypt, New Zealand and Spain that called for an end all attacks in Aleppo for seven days. The vote was 11-3-1. Russia and China vetoed the resolution, Venezuela voted no and Angola abstained.
8 October 2016 S/2016/847 The vote on the Russian draft resolution focused on the situation in Aleppo was 4-9-2. China, Egypt, Russia and Venezuela voted yes and Angola and Uruguay abstained. Nine Council members, including the P3, voted no. Because the Russian draft did not get the 9 positive votes to pass, the negative votes by the P3 were not considered vetoes.
8 October 2016 S/2016/846 The vote on the draft resolution tabled by France and Spain that called for an end to all military flights over Aleppo was 11-2-2. It had 43 co-sponsors. Russia cast its fifth veto on a Syria draft resolution and China abstained, the first time it has not vetoed a Syria draft resolution alongside Russia. Elected member Venezuela voted no and elected member Angola abstained.
22 May 2014 S/2014/348 This was the French draft resolution referring Syria to the ICC, co-sponsored by 65 member states, vetoed by China and Russia. All other Council members voted in favour of the referral.
19 July 2012 S/2012/538 This was the UK draft UNSMIS resolution vetoed by China and Russia with abstentions by Pakistan and South Africa
17 July 2012 S/2012/547/REV.2 This was the withdrawn Russian draft resolution renewing UNSMIS for three months.
4 February 2012 S/2012/77 This vetoed draft Security Council resolution condemned the violence in Syria and supported the Arab League's 22 January decision to facilitate a Syrian-led political transition. Russia and China vetoed the draft resolution with all other Council members voting in favour.
4 October 2011 S/2011/612 This vetoed draft Security Council resolution condemned the Syrian crackdown on protestors. Russia and China vetoed the draft resolution and Brazil, India, Lebanon and South Africa abstained.
19 February 2009 GOV/2009/9 This was an IAEA report on the implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement in Syria.