UN Documents for Cyprus: Other

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21 April 2004 S/2004/313 This draft resolution established a new UN mission in Cyprus to monitor the implementation of the Foundation Agreement and provide a secure environment, and established an arms embargo on Cyprus. This was vetoed by Russia. In S/PV.4947 statements were made by Council members before and after the vote.
29 April 1993 S/25693 This was a draft resolution vetoed by Russia changing UNFICYP’s methods of financing and S/PV.3211.
31 July 1974 S/11400 This draft resolution requested the Secretary-General to take appropriate action in the light of a statement he made regarding the role, functions and strength of UNFICYP and related issues arising out of the most recent political developments in respect of Cyprus. It was vetoed by Russia. The same draft was later adopted adding a request to the Secretary-General to present a full report in the light of his statement and a consideration that the cease-fire would be a first step in implementation of resolution 353.