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Insights on Iran and DPRK (North Korea) Sanctions

It seems the panel of experts that assists the Iran sanctions committee circulated its final report to Council members on Saturday 7 May. The report was due to the Council 30 days before the expiry of the panel’s mandate on 8 June. (The panel was established under resolution 1929). The Council will be considering the renewal of the panel’s mandate in coming weeks.

Separately, the panel of experts that assists the DPRK sanctions committee is due to submit its final report to the Council by Thursday 12 May. (The DPRK panel was established under resolution 1874 and most recently renewed by resolution 1928. Its mandate is also up for renewal in June.) It took six months for the Council to publicly release the panel’s 2010 final report, apparently due to China’s reluctance. It seems that such a delay is possible again this year, as the report may contain references to the DPRK’s uranium enrichment programme. (The panel produced a report on the uranium enrichment programme for the committee in January which China apparently raised some concerns about at the time).

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