UN Documents for Yemen: Security Council Resolutions

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24 February 2015 S/RES/2204 This was a resolution renewing the assets freeze and travel ban until 26 February 2016 and extending the mandate of the Panel of Experts until 25 March 2016.
15 February 2015 S/RES/2201 This was a resolution that strongly deplored the Houthis' actions to dissolve parliament on 6 February and take over government institutions and urged the acceleration of negotiations to reach a consensus solution regarding the political impasse.
26 February 2014 S/RES/2140 This resolution expressed the Council’s strong support for the next steps of the political transition and established sanctions against those threatening the peace, security or stability of Yemen.
12 June 2012 S/RES/2051 This resolution focused on the second phase of the transition and expressed the Council’s readiness to consider further measures, including under Article 41 of the Charter.
21 October 2011 S/RES/2014 This was the resolution endorsing the GCC initiative for a peaceful transition of power.
12 December 1967 S/RES/243 This resolution recommended Democratic Yemen (the People's Republic of Southern Yemen) for UN membership.
12 August 1947 S/RES/29 This resolution recommended Pakistan and Yemen for UN membership.