UN Documents for Iraq: Security Council Press Statements

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13 July 2017 SC/12911 This was a press statement in which Council members welcomed the announcement by the Iraqi authorities on the liberation of Mosul.
14 June 2017 SC/12870 This was a statement on Iraq-Kuwait issues.
29 July 2016 SC/12467 Council members issued a press statement calling on Iraq to continue in its efforts to achieve tangible progress with respect to returning all missing Kuwaiti and third-country nationals or their remains, noting the limited progress made on this issue over the past 11 years.
5 July 2016 SC/12434 This was a press statement condemning a 3 July car bombing, claimed by ISIL, that killed hundreds in a largely Shi’a neighbourhood of Baghdad.
12 May 2016 SC/12361 This was a press statement condemning the ISIL terrorist attacks in Baghdad.
12 January 2016 SC/12197 This was a statement condemning the 11 January ISIS attacks in Baghdad, which resulted in the deaths of at least 50 people and many more injured.
28 August 2015 SC/12030 Condemned the use of sexual violence committed, including as a method or tactic of warfare, in Syria and Iraq.
27 February 2015 SC/11804 Council members condemned terrorist acts in Iraq by ISIS, including: the abduction of 100 Sunni tribesmen from outside Tikrit on 25 February; the immolation of 45 Iraqis in Baghdadi on 17 February; ongoing daily attacks targeting civilians in Baghdad; and the deliberate destruction of religious and cultural artifacts housed in the Mosul Museum and the burning of thousands of books and rare manuscripts from the Mosul Library.
23 January 2015 SC/11750 This was a press statement regarding the listing by the 1267/1989 Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee of four individuals, including two ISIS members and one Al-Nusra Front member.
31 October 2014 SC/11625 Condemned the murder by ISIS of Sunni tribesmen in Anbar Province whose bodies were found in a mass grave, these tribesmen had been cooperating with the government in the fight against ISIS. Welcomed the completion of the formation of an inclusive government representing all segments of the Iraqi population.
17 October 2014 SC/11605 Condemned ISIS attacks in Baghdad.
13 August 2014 SC/11519 This press statement welcomed the nomination of Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi and urged the swift formation of the Iraqi government.
7 August 2014 SC/11515 This press statement reiterated messages from the 5 August press statement and condemned the attacks in Iraq’s Ninewa Province by ISIS.
5 August 2014 SC/11509 This press statement deplored ISIS attacks, condemned the persecution of minorities and called for accountability and an inclusive political process.
21 July 2014 SC/11484 This press statement expressed deep concern over reports of threats against religious and ethnic minorities in Mosul and other parts of Iraq controlled ISIS.