UN Documents for Admission of New UN members: Security Council Meeting Records

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28 September 2011 S/PV.6624 This was on the admission of Palestine as a member.
31 October 2000 S/PV.4215 This was was on the application of Yugoslavia.
17 February 2000 S/PV.4103 This was on application of Tuvalu.
17 April 1990 S/PV.2917 This was on the application of Namibia.
15 November 1976 S/PV.1972 This was on the application of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.
7 May 1963 S/PV.1034 This was the meeting during which the Security Council recommended to the General Assembly that Kuwait be admitted to membership in the UN.
27 June 1962 A/RES/1746 This resolution recommended the admission of Rwanda and Burundi after the proclamation of independence on 1 July 1962.
26 September 1950 S/PV.503 This was on the application of Indonesia.
17 December 1948 S/PV.386 This was on Israel membership.
1 October 1947 S/PV.206 This was on the reconsideration of the applications for admission to the UN of Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Finland.
18 August 1947 S/PV.186 This was on the application of Pakistan.