UN Documents for Lebanon: Security Council Letters

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5 November 2009 S/2009/574 This was a letter from Israel to the Secretary-General and the Council relating to violations of resolution 1747, concerning the Francop interception.
2 November 2009 S/2009/572 This letter from Syria to the Council concerned the October 2009 1559 report.
19 October 2009 S/2009/544 This was a position paper from Lebanon in preparation for the Secretary-General’s comprehensive review of UNIFIL.
13 October 2009 S/2009/532 This was a letter from Israel regarding the 12 October Tayr Filsi explosions.
15 September 2009 S/2009/469 This letter from Syria concerned the Tribunal’s orders to release four Lebanese officers.
14 September 2009 S/2009/458 This letter from Lebanon concerned Israeli shelling in southern Lebanon.
11 September 2009 S/2009/454 This letter from Israel concerned the 11 September launch of three rockets from Lebanese territory toward Israel.
6 August 2009 S/2009/407 This letter from the Secretary-General to the Security Council on the UNIFIL mandate renewal included developments with the UNIFIL investigation of the 14 July Khirbat Silim explosions.
22 July 2009 S/2009/379 This letter from Lebanon concerned the 14 July Khirbat Silim explosions.
11 June 2009 S/2009/307 This was a position paper by Lebanon on resolution 1701.
4 June 2009 S/2009/293 This letter from Lebanon covered Israeli violations of Lebanese territorial integrity in May.
2 June 2009 S/2009/287 This letter from Lebanon informed the Council that Israel permitted Lebanese citizens suspected of spying for Israel to cross the Blue Line between the two countries, in violation of resolution 1701.
20 May 2009 S/2009/264 This letter from Lebanon alleged that Israeli spying networks inside Lebanon were a violation of Lebanese sovereignty.
5 May 2009 S/2009/227 This letter from Syria expressed a renewed commitment to Lebanon's sovereignty
7 April 2009 S/2009/191 This letter from Lebanon condemned Israel’s defiance of UN calls to hand over the exact strike data and the maps of cluster munitions in south Lebanon.