UN Documents for Syria: Security Council Letters

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19 April 2012 S/2012/238 This letter contained the Secretary-General's UNSMIS proposal.
11 April 2012 S/2012/214 This was the Syrian response to the Joint Special Envoy’s letter of 10 April.
10 April 2012 S/2012/206 This Joint Special Envoy’s letter to the Security Council concerned the Syrian commitments to cease violence by 10 and then 12 April
6 April 2012 S/2012/199 This letter from the Secretary-General concerned a UN team being dispatched to Damascus to engage in technical discussions in preparation for a potential observer mission.
16 May 2011 S/2011/310 This was a letter from Israel regarding the 15 May al-Nakba protests in the Golan Heights.