UN Documents for DPRK (North Korea): Sanctions Committee Documents

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7 February 2014 Implementation Assistance Notice No. 4 This was the Committee’s notice on the proper implementation of paragraph 22 of resolution 2094.
23 December 2013 S/2013/756 This was the 1718 Sanctions Committee's 2013 annual report.
22 October 2013 Implementation Assistance Notice No. 2 This was the Committee's revised guidelines for national implementation reports.
25 June 2013 Implementation Assistance Notice No. 3 This was the Committee’s guidelines for the implementation of measures regarding luxury goods.
21 June 2013 S/2013/369 This letter from the Secretary-General concerned the appointment of an expert to the 1718 DPRK sanctions committee.
11 June 2013 S/2013/337 This was the final report of the Panel of Experts submitted pursuant to resolution 2050 (2012).
28 March 2013 S/2013/199 This was a letter from the Secretary-General on the re-appointment of the Panel of Experts.
21 March 2013 S/2013/186 This was a letter from the Sanctions Committee chair informing the Council of the Panel of Experts' new reporting schedule.
31 December 2012 S/2012/982 This letter transmitted the report of the 1718 Sanctions Committee covering the Committee's activities during the period from 1 January to 31 December 2012.
14 June 2012 S/2012/422 This note contained the PoE’s 2012 final report.
2 May 2012 S/2012/287 This contained the Committee’s report designating additional entities and items and updating the Committee’s list, in accordance with S/PRST/2012/13.
27 June 2011 S/2011/391 This letter notified the Council that the Secretary-General had reappointed the panel of experts that supports the committee’s work.
18 February 2011 S/2011/84 This letter transmitted the sanctions committee's annual report, which covers the Committee’s activities during the period from 1 January to 31 December 2010.
14 October 2010 S/2010/527 This was a letter from the Secretary-General, informing the president of the Council about his filling of two vacancies on the panel of experts.
12 May 2010 S/2010/571 This was a note transmitting the final report of the panel of experts’ first year’s work.