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18 February 2011 S/2011/24 This was the draft resolution on settlements vetoed by the US. The other 14 Council members voted in favour.
7 January 2009 S/2009/11 This was a draft resolution circulated by Libya demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and calling for the lifting of the Israeli blockade, the immediate Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and the deployment of an international observer force in the Gaza Strip to ensure the protection of civilians, allow for humanitarian aid and free movement of persons and goods, prevent illicit arms trafficking and promote restoration of calm.
8 July 2008 S/2008/445 This was a Libyan draft resolution on settlements which was never voted on by the Council.
10 November 2006 S/2006/878 This draft resolution called upon Israel to cease its military activities in Gaza and upon the Palestinian Authority to take steps to stop the firing of rockets into Israel and requested the Secretary-general to establish a fact-finding mission in Beit Hanoun.
12 July 2006 S/2006/508 This draft resolution called for the immediate and unconditional release of the abducted Israeli soldier and all detained Palestinian officials and civilians. It also called upon Israel to halt its military operations and disproportionate use of force and called upon the Palestinian Authority to take immediate action to bring an end to violence, including the firing of rockets on Israeli territory.
5 October 2004 S/2004/783 This was a vetoed Algerian, Pakistani and Tunisian draft resolution calling on Israel to halt military operations in Gaza.
24 March 2004 S/2004/240 This was a vetoed Algerian and Libyan draft resolution condemning Israel’s killing of Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin and six civilians.
14 October 2003 S/2003/980 This was a vetoed Guinean, Malaysian, Pakistani and Syrian resolution claiming the construction of the Israeli security wall is illegal.
16 September 2003 S/2003/891 This was a vetoed Pakistani, South African, Sudanese and Syrian draft resolution condemning Israeli treatment of Palestinian President Arafat.
19 December 2002 S/2002/1385 This was a vetoed Syrian draft resolution expressing deep concern at the “deliberate destruction” by Israel of a World Food Programme warehouse.
14 December 2001 S/2001/1199 This was a vetoed draft Egyptian and Tunisian resolution demanding Israel withdraw forces back to pre-September 2000 positions.
26 March 2001 S/2001/270 This was a vetoed draft Bangladeshi, Colombian, Jamaican, Malian, Mauritanian, Singaporean and Tunisian resolution calling for full implementation of the Sharm el Sheikh undertakings.
18 December 2000 S/2000/1171 This was a draft resolution to establish a UN force of military and police observers to be dispatched throughout the occupied territories.