UN Documents for Middle East, including the Palestinian Question: General Assembly Documents

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10 January 2009 A/ES-10/443 This was a letter from Malaysia.
7 January 2009 A/ES-10/434 This was a letter from Malaysia
7 January 2009 A/ES-10/436 This was a letter from Venezuela.
30 November 2006 A/RES/ES-10/16 This resolution called for the immediate cessation of military action and all acts of violence between the Israeli and Palestinian sides and requested the Secretary-General to establish a fact-finding mission on the attack in Beit Hanoun on 8 November 2006.
10 December 2004 A/RES/59/124 This was the resolution on ' Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.'
8 December 2003 A/RES/ES-10/14 This was a General Assembly resolution on the item "Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory".
7 July 1998 A/RES/52/250 This resolution elevated Palestine to a new sui generis observer status.
16 December 1991 A/RES/46/86 This resolution revoked the resolution which described Zionism as racism (A/RES/3379).
15 December 1988 A/RES/43/177 This resolution decided that the designation ‘Palestine’ should be used in place of the designation ‘Palestine Liberation Organization’.
10 November 1975 A/RES/3379 (XXX) This resolution decided that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.
22 November 1974 A/RES/3237 This resolution granted the PLO observer status at the General Assembly.
22 November 1974 A/RES/3236 This resolution recognised the Palestinians' right to sovereignty.
3 November 1950 A/RES/377 (V) This resolution established the Assembly’s Uniting for Peace procedures.
8 December 1949 A/RES/302 This was a resolution on the assistance of Palestine refugees.
11 May 1949 A/RES/273 (III) This resolution admitted Israel as a member of the UN.