Chronology of Events

revised on 25 April 2013


December 2012

On 19 December, the Council adopted a presidential statement on Timor-Leste noting the “remarkable achievements” made since independence in 2002 and the successful presidential and parliamentary elections in 2012. The statement came as UNMIT prepared to conclude its mandate in the country on 31 December 2012. As is customary, Timor-Leste will formally remain on the Council’s agenda, although there will be no further debates in the Council or regular reporting.

November 2012

From 3 to 6 November, Council members went on a visiting mission to Timor-Leste led by Ambassador Baso Sangqu (South Africa). On 12 November, the Council held the final debate on UNMIT followed by briefing by Sangqu who reiterated that one of the key purposes of the visiting mission, as UNMIT withdrew from the country, was to underscore the international community’s long-term commitment to Timor-Leste’s peace and development. 

October 2012

The Secretary-General’s 15 October UNMIT report to the Security Council recommended the mission continue its phased drawdown until completion of its mandate on 31 December 2012, consistent with the views of the Timor-Leste government.

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