Research Report

UN Sanctions: Natural Resources

This is Security Council Report’s second research report on sanctions.
To view the full report, please download the PDF. 

UN Sanctions: Natural Resources, is a follow-up to Security Council Report’s last research report on sanctions published in November 2013, UN Sanctions. This report provides a historical and institutional context for understanding UN natural resource sanctions, analyses ten current sanctions regimes that have or have had natural resource-related measures (or monitoring and reporting has provided evidence of natural resource-related conflict dynamics), comparatively assesses sanctions design and implementation, critically examines common assumptions regarding links between natural resources and conflict, analyses political dynamics among Council members and other actors, and suggests policy options. Like its predecessor, the intent of this report is to make a constructive contribution to an ongoing dialogue regarding UN sanctions among a diverse set of stakeholders, including Council members. It is hoped that the analyses throughout UN Sanctions: Natural Resources may further stimulate this critical debate. 

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