November 2010 Monthly Forecast


The UK will hold the presidency of the Council in November. With several days taken up by the holidays (Eid and Thanksgiving), a retreat and a mission to Timor Leste, the calendar will be very full. The annual retreat with incoming members, organised by Finland, is planned for 18-19 November and the incoming members of the Council–Colombia, Germany, India, Portugal and South Africa–will be invited to Council consultations from 15 November.

There will be a ministerial level debate on Sudan. There will also be debates on Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Two open debates are planned on:

There will be several briefings in November on:

A new development is that some of the briefings will include input by videoconferencing to enable real-time (and cost-efficient) interactions with peace missions on the ground, allowing UN officials in the field to brief the Council more expeditiously. In this regard:

A number of briefings are expected in consultations on:

Consultations will also be held on several other topics:

Formal Council sessions will be held to adopt resolutions on:

On 11 November the Council president is scheduled to present the Council’s annual report to the General Assembly.

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