March 2008 Monthly Forecast


Russia will hold the Council’s Presidency in March. Counter-terrorism will be an important thematic issue. The Council is due to renew the mandate of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) and to approve its new organisational plan. A debate is possible.

The situation in Afghanistan and the extension of and possible changes in the UNAMA mandate are likely to be discussed in an open debate on 12 March.

An open debate on the Middle East is also being considered.

A public meeting on the Democratic Republic of Congo is expected to renew the sanctions and the mandate of the Group of Experts, rolled over in February until 31 March.

The Council will receive a briefing from the Chairman of the Iran Sanctions Committee. Also, if the Council fails to vote on the third Iran sanctions resolution in February, discussions on the draft tightening the sanctions regime may continue in March.

The Council is likely to hold consultations on:

At press time, it was uncertain whether the Council’s request for Secretariat reporting on Kenya in the 6 February presidential statement would result in a report or an oral briefing nor was it clear whether there would be a briefing by the Kenyan foreign minister, requested by the government in January.

Depending on developments on the ground, the Council may also hold consultations and/or briefings on the crisis in Chad and on the relocation of UNMEE in Ethiopia/Eritrea.

On Guinea-Bissau, the Council is expected to receive in March the PBC advice on the situation in the country, requested in December, and the Secretary-General’s quarterly report on UNOGBIS. It is unclear whether the Council will deliberate on these reports in March.

Regarding Liberia, the Council mayreview and discuss plans for the draw down of UNMIL based on the upcoming Secretary-General’s report.

Also possible are briefings on:

The Council may also wish to express its support for the peace process in Uganda and possibly request a briefing from the Secretary-General’s envoy, Joaquim Chissano.

Also in March, the Council is likely to discuss plans for its visiting missions during 2008 and it will hold its annual retreat with the Secretary-General.
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