Chronology of Events

Jammu and Kashmir

August 2020

On 5 August Council members discussed the situation in Jammu and Kashmir under “any other business”. The discussion was initiated by China at Pakistan’s request. It followed letters in early August from Pakistani Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmoud Qureshi to the Council president (S/2020/771) on recent developments in Jammu and Kashmir and on a legal review of the dispute and on human rights violations. Besides meeting in consultations in August 2019 to discuss developments after India rescinded Article 370 of its constitution, which provided semi-autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir, the Council has held one other meeting on this topic under “any other business” in January 2020 

January 2020

On 13 January, the Security Council was briefed by Assistant Secretary-General Mohamed Khaled Khiari and Brigadier General El Hadji Babacar Faye, Officer in Charge of the Office of Military Affairs on Jammu and Kashmir under “any other business” at China’s request. This follows a 12 December letter from the foreign minister of Pakistan to the president of the Security Council and a request from China for a meeting in December 2019. Most members reiterated their position that this was an issue that needed to be settled bilaterally between India and Pakistan.

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