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Posted Thu 3 Nov 2011

Council Briefing on Cyprus

Following the two-day talks hosted by the Secretary-General at the Greentree Estate outside of New York City, Special Adviser on Cyprus Alexander Downer will brief Council members in consultations tomorrow morning (Friday, 4 November). (The talks, which involved the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders, concluded on Monday 31 October.)

Downer is expected to update the Council on the discussions, which were described by both sides as “positive, productive and vigorous”. However, four core issues remain and are the subject of on-going negotiations: governance of Cyprus, property, territory and citizenship.

Council members might be particularly interested in the prospects of tangible progress on these crucial issues in the coming months. While there is some optimism about progress made in other areas like the economy and internal aspects of security, some Council members are less positive that the two sides are making progress on bridging differences on these fundamental issues.

There are no indications that the Council will take any action following tomorrow’s briefing. It also appears unlikely that a written report from Downer will be published before a similar round of talks, hosted by Secretary-General, is held in January.
Cyprus is likely to be on the Council’s programme of work in December as the Secretary-General’s report on the UN mission there is due by 1 December and its mandate expires in mid-December.

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