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Posted Wed 3 Aug 2011

Continuing Council Consultations on Syria

It seems possible that the Council may be able to agree on the substance of a text condemning the violence in Syria today. What is still uncertain is the form of the decision. It appears that it could be either a resolution, a presidential statement or a statement adopted through a resolution.

Council members met yesterday morning to discuss a revised text circulated by the UK and elements produced by Brazil. Following a break to integrate the two texts, Council members reconvened at 3 pm for negotiations on the combined draft that lasted until 8pm.

It seems that there is agreement on expressing concern at the deteriorating situation and condemning violations of human rights as well as on the need for an inclusive and Syrian-led political process as a solution to the crisis. Council members also appear to have agreed on language related to the Syrian government’s lack of implementation on its reform commitments. There also appears to be agreement that those responsible should be held accountable and that Syrian authorities should cooperate with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, but it is unclear if there will be specific reference to the Human Rights Council’s decision of 29 April to dispatch a mission to investigate the situation.

It seems the main issues that need to be agreed upon today are the format and whether and how to refer to the violence against members of the the security forces. Another area that appears to be still problematic is the humanitarian situation and whether to call for immediate access. It seems some members are also against the inclusion of a request for the Secretary-General to update the Council on the situation within a specified period of time.

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