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Posted Fri 8 Jul 2011

UNMIS Resolution

Council members are expected to adopt a technical resolution on UNMIS later today (Friday, 8 July) wrapping up its mandate. This follows the Council’s adoption of a resolution this morning setting up a new mission in Southern Sudan (UNMISS). The resolution also requested the Secretary-General to transfer appropriate functions performed by UNMIS to UNMISS together with appropriate staff and logistics and to begin the liquidation of UNMIS.

It appears that some Council members had hoped until the last minute that Sudan would agree to some form of UN presence in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states. However, the Sudanese have shown no inclination to change their position that UNMIS must finish as of 9 July. While the US particularly has been very public in its final push to seek agreement from Khartoum to some form of UN presence, other members like South Africa have also been working to get the Sudanese to agree to a UN presence that would continue to implement outstanding aspects of the CPA for a short additional period. Some members are concerned that there will now be very little information coming out of vulnerable areas such as Southern Kordofan.

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