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Posted Thu 7 Jul 2011

Resolution on a UN mission in South Sudan

The Council is expected to adopt a resolution on a new UN mission in South Sudan tomorrow (8 July). Following a five-hour meeting at permanent representative level yesterday afternoon and further consultations at expert level this morning it appears that Council members were able to reach agreement.

It seems that the final text includes language which will allow the Council to adopt the resolution ahead of South Sudan’s declaration of independence on Saturday. It also appears that Council members have agreed to 7,900 peacekeepers for the new mission with the understanding that there would be reviews of troop strength after three months and six months.

The mandate of the new mission is under Chapter VII and likely to include the consolidation of peace and security, strengthening the capacity of the government to govern effectively as well as reporting on the flow of weapons across the border with Sudan and protecting civilians. The mission may also be expected to address the LRA issue in South Sudan.

It also appears that this resolution does not address the issue of liquidising UNMIS’ assets in the north and discussions are continuing on how to achieve this.

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