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Posted Tue 12 Jul 2011

DRC Sanctions Committee

At a meeting of the DRC sanctions committee on Friday, 8 July, members of the committee agreed to post on the DRC sanctions committee’s website the updated indicators on individuals on the DRC sanctions list as well as the consolidated simplified version of the due diligence guidelines from the 2010 annual report of the group of experts . This is the first time the due diligence guidelines have been simplified and posted on the web-site.

A note verbal is also expected to be circulated to member states endorsing the latest interim report of the group of experts in about a week. A letter with the same information will also be sent separately to the DRC.

In another DRC sanctions-related development, Russia has retracted its hold on a name put forward by Uganda (the Allied Democratic Forces member, a Ugandan rebel group also active in the DRC) last year. However the designation is still on hold by some other P-5 members.

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