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Insights on the Taliban and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee

It seems the 1267 Committee (the Committee on sanctions against the Taliban and Al-Qaida) will meet on Tuesday, 10 May, to decide upon the first delisting request processed by the Office of the Ombudsperson, Kimberly Prost.

Under the terms of resolution 1904 the Committee has two months in which to decide on a delisting request after receiving the Ombudsperson’s comprehensive report on the matter. It appears that although this first report was ready in early 2011, there was considerable delay in translating the lengthy legal document. The meeting on Tuesday is likely to be between the members of the 1267 Committee, its Monitoring Team and Prost.

Separately the 1267 Committee posted a statement on its website today welcoming the news of 1 May regarding Usama Bin Laden. The Committee underlines in its statement that the name Usama Bin Laden will continue to appear on the 1267 list of individuals and entities associated with Al-Qaida and the Taliban and that the assets freeze and other measures will still apply. The statement also says the Committee will assess the implications of these events on the changing nature of the threat posed by Al-Qaida and, as a consequence, the future work of the Committee. This statement possibly reflects concern amongst Committee members regarding the risk that funds associated with Bin Laden may still be available to Al-Qaida following his death. This issue has arisen in the past with other Al-Qaida and Taliban leaders that are known to have died, but who remain listed.

It seems that all Council members were comfortable with the formulation and tone of the presidential statement on Bin Laden issued on 2 May.

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