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Posted Fri 13 May 2011

Insights on the Counter-Terrorism Subsidiary Bodies

It seems the 1267 Committee (the Committee on sanctions against the Taliban and Al-Qaida) has deferred a decision on the first delisting request processed by the Office of the Ombudsperson, Kimberly Prost. The Committee met on Tuesday 10 May but apparently at least one member state was not in a position to decide the matter at that time.

It is understood that Prost has now submitted two further reports on delisting requests to the Committee.

On Monday 16 May the Council will hear briefings from the chairs of the three counter-terrorism subsidiary bodies—the 1267 Committee on Al-Qaida and Taliban sanctions (chaired by Germany), the 1373 Counter-Terrorism Committee or CTC (chaired by India) and the 1540 Committee on weapons of mass destruction and terrorism (chaired by South Africa).

Council members will have in mind that Prost’s mandate expires on 16 June and that there is strong interest in modifications to the mandate based on recent proposals made by the informal group of “like-minded states on targeted sanctions” (comprised of Austria, Belgium, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland). But it is unclear whether Council members are yet ready to take positions on these issues.

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