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Posted Mon 9 May 2011

Insights on Kosovo

The Secretary-General has written to the Council expressing his support for an in-depth, impartial and independent investigation into the allegations of inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo. The Secretary-General’s letter formally transmitted to the Council a letter from the foreign affairs minister of Serbia requesting an investigative ad hoc mechanism under the authority of the Security Council, that had already been informally circulated to Council members in mid-to-late April.

All Council members seem to support an investigation into the allegations. The Secretary-General did not specify in his letter whether he supported a EULEX-led investigation, as favoured by the US and EU Council members, or the Serbian proposal of an ad hoc mechanism established under the authority of the Security Council. Russia seems to support the Serbian proposal, and also the involvement of the UN mission in Kosovo.

The French Permanent Representative indicated to the press at the start of the French presidency that following bilateral discussions with other Council members no Council member was seeking to use the debate on Kosovo on Thursday 12 May to adopt a formal decision on the matter. There have been no indications since that briefing that this has changed, but the Secretary-General’s letter seems to confirm that the issue may be pursued in the weeks to follow.

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