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Posted Fri 1 Apr 2011

Insights on Libya

On Monday, 28 March, a letter signed by 13 countries, from Latin America with a few Asian and African countries, was sent to the president of the Security Council expressing concern about the developments in Libya. It urged the Council to bring about a cease-fire and sustainable solution.

On Wednesday, 30 March, Brazil, India and South Africa, in their capacity as permanent representatives of “IBSA”, wrote to the co-sponsors of this letter indicating that they would continue to call for a ceasefire and the start of a political process in Libya in the Council. They also expressed their concern about civilian casualties.

There has been no request to circulate either letter as a UN document.

It appears unlikely that the Council will discuss the 28 March letter as such. However, it seems likely that the situation in Libya will continue to be an active item on the Council’s programme of work in April.

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