What's In Blue

Posted Wed 23 Mar 2011

Insights on Libya

Council members will be briefed by the Secretary-General at tomorrow at 3 pm on compliance by member states on the enforcement of the ban on flights over Libya imposed by resolution 1973. This resolution asked for the Secretary-General to report to the Council within seven days of its adoption and after that on a monthly basis.

It appears that the briefing will take place during a public meeting followed by informal consultations where the Secretary-General will brief Council members on his recent trip to the Middle East and North Africa. Libya is also expected to be discussed.

The issue of whether Libya should be invited to participate in tomorrow’s discussion has also come up. However given the complication of who is in fact currently representing Libya at the UN, most Council members are pleased not to have to focus on this issue immediately. With France having formally given its support to the Benghazi government, the Libyan representative issue could be a divisive one.

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