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Posted Thu 17 Mar 2011

Insights on Libya

Libya is on the Council’s agenda again today. Council members began meeting at the expert level for a technical discussion on the draft resolution at 9 am. Council members will convene at 11 am at the permanent representative level for further discussion on the draft text. It is possible that the Council will vote on the resolution this afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon Council members had intensive discussions on a draft text that had been put in blue by the French in the morning. Following the informal consultations a revised text was put in blue and circulated late last night.

The main amendments appear to have come from the US. The US, which had not taken a clear position on a no-fly zone earlier, is now keen to include language that goes beyond a no-fly zone and provides for broader authorisation for military intervention if necessary. The US also seems to attach weight to the need for the resolution to explicitly show evidence of Arab leadership both politically and by participation in any operations.
Russia apparently proposed a ceasefire resolution as an alternative to the draft on the table. However, most members felt that this would not go beyond resolution 1970 adopted two weeks ago.

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