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Posted Mon 14 Mar 2011

Insights on Libya

Security Council members are meeting this morning in informal consultations at Lebanon’s request to discuss Saturday’s Arab League statement calling on the Security Council to impose a no-fly zone. Under-Secretary-General B. Lynn Pascoe is expected to brief on the situation in Libya.

Although no decision is expected this morning Council members will discuss possible options. There is still diversity of views among Council members on possible next steps. Some members like the UK and France have voiced support for a no-fly zone over Libya, while other European members are more cautious about this option but not discounting it altogether. The US appears to be still studying the implications of various courses of action and has yet to come out with a clear position. Arab countries have indicated they would like to have the Council follow the lead of the region. China and Russia appear opposed to any military option without a trigger event. Brazil and India also have reservations about military options.

Security Council Report will publish an Update Report on Libya this morning which analyses the issues facing the Council on this issue and possible options going forward.

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