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Posted 7 May 2009
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Update Report No. 1: Chad-Sudan

Expected Council Action
On the morning of 8 May the Council is expected to hold an open meeting on the request of 6 May by the Permanent Representative of Chad, Ahmad Allam-mi, ”to discuss the attack perpetrated by the Sudan against…Chad.” The Secretariat is expected to brief and the Chadian ambassador is also likely to participate. (S/PV.6121 and S/PV.6122) At press time it was unclear whether or not Sudan would participate. The Council is expected to hold private consultations following the open meeting and possibly issue a statement on the situation.

During the week of 4 May the rebel Union of Resistance Forces (UFR) launched an attack on the restive eastern border area of Chad, bordering the Sudanese region of Darfur, with the stated intent of ultimately reaching the Chadian capital, N’Djamena, in western Chad. In a note verbale (S/2009/231) addressed to the president of the Council on 5 May, the Chadian government accused Sudan of facilitating the renewed cross-border rebel activity (which reportedly advanced about 62 miles into Chadian territory from the Sudanese border) despite a truce. There have been opposing claims, with the government announcing that it had repelled the rebels and the UFR denying defeat and claiming that it was still advancing. On 6 May the Secretary-General issued a statement appealing to all parties to respect the humanitarian character of the operations of the UN and NGOs in eastern Chad, and stressed that any attempt at destabilisation through violent means is unacceptable and reaffirmed that the UN Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad (MINURCAT) would act within its mandate and capabilities to protect civilians threatened by armed elements. He also called on all states in the region to prevent their territories and nationals from being used to aid armed groups and urged the Chadian and Sudanese governments to resolve their differences using diplomatic and other peaceful means.

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