UN Documents for Terrorism: Security Council Resolutions

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20 January 2003 S/RES/1456 This resolution called on states to implement sanctions against terrorists, and mentioned in particular the Taliban and Al-Qaida.
17 January 2003 S/RES/1455 This resolution enhanced the monitoring role of the 1267 Committee; urged states to report progress on implementation of the sanctions; stressed the "need for improved coordination and increased exchange of information" between the 1267 Committee and the CTC; and established further reporting requirements by states.
20 December 2002 S/RES/1452 This resolution provided humanitarian exemptions to the assets freeze.
28 January 2002 S/RES/1390 This resolution extended the financial measures and broadened the travel ban and arms embargo; requested States to report on the measures taken to enforce them; and requested the 1267 Committee "to cooperate" with the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC).
15 January 2002 S/RES/1388 This resolution amended sanctions on the Taliban and Al-Qaida, to not include Ariana Afghan Airlines.
12 November 2001 S/RES/1377 This resolution called on states to become party to the relevant international conventions and protocols relating to terrorism, to implement 1373 and to assist each other in doing so.
28 September 2001 S/RES/1373 This resolution placed barriers on the movement, organisation and fund-raising activities of terrorist groups and imposed legislative, policy and reporting requirements on member states to assist the global struggle against terrorism. It also established a Counter-Terrorism Committee to monitor state compliance with these provisions.
12 September 2001 S/RES/1368 This resolution condemned the attacks of 11 September 2001 on the United States, and called on states to bring justice to the perpetrators, organisers and sponsors of those terrorist acts.
30 July 2001 S/RES/1363 This resolution established the monitoring mechanism (the Monitoring Group (MG)) and the Sanctions Enforcement Support Team (up to 15 members with expertise in customs, border security and counter-terrorism). The MG was also tasked with offering assistance to states neighbouring Afghanistan to increase their capacity to implement the sanctions.
19 December 2000 S/RES/1333 This resolution strengthened the sanctions against the Taliban and imposed sanctions against Al-Qaida.
19 October 1999 S/RES/1269 This resolution condemned all acts, methods and practices of terrorism as criminal and unjustified and calls upon all States to cooperate with each other to prevent and suppress terrorist acts.
15 October 1999 S/RES/1267 This resolution established the Al-Qaida and Taliban Committee and its sanctions mandate.
18 December 1985 S/RES/579 This resolution condemned acts of hostage-taking and abduction.
9 September 1970 S/RES/286 This resolution appealed for an end to hijacking of commercial aircraft and for release of passengers and crew currently held.