UN Documents for Lebanon: Security Council Resolutions

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2 September 2004 S/RES/1559 This resolution urged withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon, disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias, extension of the Lebanese government's control over all Lebanese territory and free and fair presidential elections.
31 July 2003 S/RES/1496 This resolution renewed UNIFIL’s mandate in Lebanon.
30 January 2003 S/RES/1461 This resolution extended the mandate of UNIFIL and took note of the completion of the reconfiguration of UNIFIL.
30 January 2001 S/RES/1337 This resolution extended the mandate of UNIFIL by six months, reduced the level of its military personnel and endorsed the reconfiguration of UNIFIL.
27 July 2000 S/RES/1310 This resolution extended the mandate of UNIFIL by six months and endorsed the understanding that the Force would redeploy in South Lebanon.
18 October 1982 S/RES/523 This resolution extended the mandate of UNIFIL by 3 months and authorised it to conduct humanitarian tasks.
17 September 1982 S/RES/520 This resolution condemned the Israeli incursions and demanded an Israeli withdrawal.
1 August 1982 S/RES/516 This resolution authorised the deployment of military observers in and around Beirut.
6 June 1982 S/RES/509 This resolution demanded that Israel immediately withdraw all military forces from Lebanon.
3 May 1978 S/RES/427 This resolution approved the Secretary-General’s request to increase the strength of UNIFIL.
19 March 1978 S/RES/426 This resolution established UNIFIL.
19 March 1978 S/RES/425 This resolution called for strict respect for the international integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon, urged Israel to withdraw from Lebanese territory, and established UNIFIL.
29 May 1948 S/RES/50 This resolution threatened further actions against the parties and established UNTSO.