UN Documents for Iraq: Security Council Resolutions

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22 December 2008 S/RES/1859 This resolution extended the arrangements for the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB) until 31 December 2009 with a review by 15 June.
7 August 2008 S/RES/1830 This resolution renewed the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for a period of 12 months.
18 December 2007 S/RES/1790 This resolution extended the mandates of the MNF, the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) and the International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB) until 31 December 2008, with a review on 15 June, in addition to the DFI privileges and immunities equivalent to those enjoyed by the UN as established in resolution 1483 to facilitate the restructuring of Iraq's debt.
10 August 2007 S/RES/1770 This resolution extended UNAMI's mandate for twelve months and authorised an expanded role for the mission.
27 June 2007 S/RES/1762 This resolution terminated UNMOVIC's mandate and reaffirmed Iraq's disarmament obligations under relevant resolutions.
28 November 2006 S/RES/1723 This resolution extended the MNF mandate until 31 December 2007.
10 August 2006 S/RES/1700 This resolution extended the UNAMI mandate until 10 August 2007.
8 November 2005 S/RES/1637 This resolution extended the Multi National Force's (MNF) mandate, the DFI and the IAMB until 31 December 2006.
11 August 2005 S/RES/1619 This resolution extended UNAMI until 11 August 2006.
4 August 2005 S/RES/1618 This resolution was related to terrorism in Iraq.
12 August 2004 S/RES/1557 This resolution extended UNAMI until 12 August 2004.
8 June 2004 S/RES/1546 This resolution endorsed the formation of the interim government and the holding of elections by January 2005, welcomed the end of occupation by 30 June 2004, endorsed the proposed timetable for the political transition, detailed the mandate of the SRSG, UNAMI and the MNF, and requested quarterly reports.
21 April 2004 S/RES/1538 This resolution welcomed the inquiry into the oil-for-food programme.
24 November 2003 S/RES/1518 This resolution established a sanctions committee.
16 October 2003 S/RES/1511 This resolution reaffirmed the temporary nature of the Coalition Provisional Authority, endorsed the interim administration, called for a political timetable, authorised the MNF to maintain security and stability during 12 months. It also determined the status of the MNF and its relation to the UN, and asked the US to report every six months.