UN Documents for Authorisations to Use Force: Security Council Resolutions

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15 December 2005 S/RES/1643 This resolution renewed until 15 December 2006 the sanctions regime of resolution 1572 and established a diamonds embargo.
31 October 2005 S/RES/1636 This resolution urged Syria to cooperate with the investigation and established sanctions against suspects in the assassination.
24 June 2005 S/RES/1609 This resolution extended the mandate of the UN Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI) for seven months, further detailed the mandate, increased the contingents, and authorised the temporary redeployment of military and civilian police personnel among the UN Mission in Liberia, the UN Mission in Sierra Leone and the UN Operation in Côte d'Ivoire.
18 April 2005 S/RES/1596 This resolution expanded the arms embargo and added travel bans and assets freeze to the sanctions regime.
29 March 2005 S/RES/1591 This resolution created a committee and panel of experts and additional individually targeting measures.
24 March 2005 S/RES/1590 This resolution established UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS). This was the first resolution to affirm zero tolerance of sexual exploitation in all UN peacekeeping missions.
22 November 2004 S/RES/1575 This resolution established EUFOR.
15 November 2004 S/RES/1572 This resolution established an arms embargo and called for sanctions against individuals found to be obstructing the peace process, violating human rights, publicly inciting hatred and violence and violating the embargo.
17 September 2004 S/RES/1562 This resolution adjusted UNAMSIL.
21 May 2004 S/RES/1545 This resolution established the UN Operation in Burundi (ONUB).
28 April 2004 S/RES/1540 This resolution established the 1540 Committee and its mandate, affirmed that proliferation of nuclear weapons as well as the means of delivery constitutes a threat to international peace and security.
12 March 2004 S/RES/1532 This resolution imposed an assets freeze against former President Charles Taylor and associates.
29 February 2004 S/RES/1529 This resolution authorised the deployment of a multinational force in Haiti.
27 February 2004 S/RES/1528 This resolution authorised ECOWAS and French deployments in Côte d'Ivoire, and established UNOCI.
22 December 2003 S/RES/1521 This resolution imposed sanctions.