UN Documents for Justice, Rule of Law and Impunity: Security Council Resolutions

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21 May 1998 S/RES/1168 This resolution was on strengthening the International Police Task Force on Bosnia-Herzegovina.
29 January 1996 S/RES/1040 This resolution supported the facilitation of a comprehensive political dialogue by the Secretary-General to end the civil war in Burundi.
8 November 1994 S/RES/955 This resolution established the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
1 October 1994 S/RES/935 This resolution requested the Secretary-General to establish a commission of experts to obtain information regarding grave violations of international law.
25 May 1994 S/RES/919 This resolution terminated Council sanctions on South Africa.
11 November 1993 S/RES/883 This resolution widened the travel ban imposed on Libyan individuals and imposed financial sanctions.
25 May 1993 S/RES/827 This resolution established the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
6 October 1992 S/RES/780 This resolution asked the Secretary-General to appoint an international commission to provide recommendations on how to address the situation in the former Yugoslavia.
20 May 1991 S/RES/693 This resolution mandated the UN Observer Mission in El Salvador to monitor the human rights situation in El Salvador.
5 April 1991 S/RES/688 In response to the situation in Iraq following the Gulf War this resolution stated that repression against civilian population within a state had consequences that could "threaten international peace and security in the region."
21 December 1979 S/RES/460 This resolution terminated Council sanctions on Southern Rhodesia.
31 May 1974 S/RES/350 This resolution established UNDOF.
29 July 1970 S/RES/284 This resolution contained a request for an advisory opinion from the ICJ on Namibia.
16 December 1966 S/RES/232 This resolution imposed sanctions on Southern Rhodesia.
20 January 1948 S/RES/39 This resolution established UNMOGIP.