UN Documents for Central African Republic: Security Council Resolutions

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27 January 2017 S/RES/2339 This resolution renewed the CAR sanctions regime until 31 January 2018 and the mandate of the Panel of Experts until 28 February 2018.
26 July 2016 S/RES/2301 The Council renewed the mandate of MINUSCA until 15 November 2017.
26 April 2016 S/RES/2281 This was a resolution that extended MINUSCA’s mandate until 31 July and requested the Secretary-General to conduct a strategic review of its mandate by 22 June.
9 February 2016 S/RES/2264 This was a resolution to increase the number of corrections officers in MINUSCA from 40 to 108.
27 January 2016 S/RES/2262 This resolution renewed the CAR sanctions regime until 31 January 2017.
28 April 2015 S/RES/2217 This was a resolution renewing MINUSCA’s mandate at current authorised troop levels until 30 April 2016 and mandated MINUSCA to support, as part of its human rights mandate, the implementation of the relevant recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry.
26 March 2015 S/RES/2212 This resolution authorised an increase to MINUSCA's troop ceiling.
22 January 2015 S/RES/2196 This was a resolution renewing the CAR sanctions regime until 29 January 2016 and the mandate of the Panel of Experts assisting the 2127 CAR Sanctions Committee until 29 February 2016.
21 October 2014 S/RES/2181 This was a resolution extending the mandate of the EU operation in the CAR until 15 March 2015.
10 April 2014 S/RES/2149 This resolution established the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) with an initial deployment of up to 10,000 military and 1,800 police personnel.
28 January 2014 S/RES/2134 This resolution renewed BINUCA's mandate, authorised an EU force to CAR and targeted sanctions.
5 December 2013 S/RES/2127 This resolution authorised the deployment of MISCA, with a mandate to protect civilians, support reform efforts and create conditions for humanitarian assistance. The resolution further authorised the French forces in the CAR to take all necessary measures to assist MISCA. The resolution also requested the Secretary-General to establish an international commission of inquiry, and it established an arms embargo, sanctions committee and panel of experts.
10 October 2013 S/RES/2121 This resolution updated the BINUCA mandate in five areas.
24 January 2013 S/RES/2088 This resolution extended BINUCA for twelve months and requested the Secretary-General to provide a report on the situation on the ground, as well as an assessment of the implementation of the mission’s priorities by 31 March, possibly allowing for an adjustment to the mandate.
21 December 2011 S/RES/2031 This resolution extended the mandate of BINUCA for another 13 months.