UN Documents for Bosnia & Herzegovina: Security Council Resolutions

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29 June 2007 S/RES/1764 This resolution welcomed and agreed to Miroslav Lajcak's designation as High Representative.
21 November 2006 S/RES/1722 This resolution extended EUFOR's mandate to 21 November 2007.
21 November 2005 S/RES/1639 This resolution extended EUFOR's mandate to 21 November 2006.
22 November 2004 S/RES/1575 This resolution established EUFOR.
28 August 2003 S/RES/1503 This resolution called on the ICTY and ICTR to complete all trial activities in the first instance by the end of 2008 and to complete all work in 2010.
21 May 1998 S/RES/1168 This resolution was on strengthening the International Police Task Force on Bosnia-Herzegovina.
12 December 1996 S/RES/1088 This resolution contained the authorisation of the establishment of a multinational stabilisation force (SFOR).
21 December 1995 S/RES/1034 This resolution condemned the violations of humanitarian law and human rights in Bosnia-Herzegovina and stated the need to investigate these violations of rights.
21 December 1995 S/RES/1035 This resolution established the UN International Police Task Force.
15 December 1995 S/RES/1031 This resolution was on the implementation of the Peace Agreement for Bosnia and Herzegovina and transfer of authority from UN Protection Force to the multinational implementation force (IFOR).
9 November 1995 S/RES/1019 The Council expressed its grave concern at reports of grave violations of international humanitarian law and of human rights in and around Srebrenica, and in the areas of Banja Luka and Sanski Most, including reports of mass murder, unlawful detention and forced labour, rape, and deportation of civilians.
12 July 1995 S/RES/1004 This resolution demanded that Bosnian Serb forces cease their offensive and withdraw from Srebrenica.
18 June 1993 S/RES/844 This resolution authorised the reinforcement of UNPROFOR.
25 May 1993 S/RES/827 This resolution established the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.
6 May 1993 S/RES/824 This resolution established safe areas in Bosnia and related UNPROFOR responsibilities.